keyring is damaged

I start WinPT on Autostart (every day without problems). But today there is an error: “The keycache was not initialized or is empty. Please check your GPG config (keyrings, pathes…)”
I replaced "C:\Dokumente….…\Anwendungsdaten\gnupg" with a backup of this folder → it’s working again. I compare the backup and the damaged one with md5sum:
secring.gpg: the same
trustdb.gpg: the same
gpa.conf: the same
gpg.conf : the same
gpg.conf.bak: the same
pubring.bak: different
pubring.gpg: the same
random_seed: different

I use GPG4Win 1.0.2. Is this bug fixed in newer versions?


Today I have the same error.

First let me say that there is no evident that WinPT caused the damage. WinPT never writes directly the keyring but let GPG use the actual work.

Is it possible that there are concurrent write operations which might lead to a corrupted keyring?

And yes, gpg4win 1.0.6 contains a lot of bug fixes in general.

I know that WinPT isn’t the reason…
I install gpg4win 1.0.6…