installed GnuPG and now can't send emails

I have downloaded GnuPG onto my computer and when I open Microsoft Outlook I cannot send anything. When I uninstall the software, my email works. Any clues on what I should do?
Is there a service patch?

what’s your gpg4win version?

I just suffered the same problem.

Gpg4win 2.0.2
Winows XP/Pro sp3 updated
Outlook 2003 SP3

I installed Gpg4Win and was not able to send any emails. I could still receive emails. When I de-installed Gpg4Win and rebooted (forgot to shut down Outlook) I am able to send emails again. I had v1.49 of Gpg4Win installed before and it allowed me to send emails; however, I rarely used it to send encrypted emails.

I’m having the same problem

Office 2003

Has anybody solved this issue?