How to open send-encrypted meassage ?

I’ve got a problem. I want to open and read meassage which I encrypted and then sent using receiver’s public key. I use Ms Outlook 2k3 and build gpg v. 1.09. Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?

Not sure I understand your problem.
If you want to read the messages you
have sent to others, you need to encrypt
them to yourself at time of sending.
If you did not do this, you will not be able
to decrypt the message ever. Only the
recipient will.

You mean that I should encrypt send-message using my public key too?

yes, exactly. Mayn E-Mail programs allow
to configure this as a default behaviour.

If you are using the GPGol Plugin in Outlook 2k3, you can define this in the Options (under GnuPG).
You can select “encrypt by default” box and enter the Mail-Adress of your key.
All mails to other recipients will be encrypted with their key an this key additional allowing you to decrypt the send message with your own private key.

Thank You for all your advice.

Yes, it sounds like you should encrypt the email with your public key too. Then you’ll have two keys. You can open it with yours and the recipient can open it with his.

I didn’t install gpg yet, but that’s how I think it works.

I hate this forum. Can’t everyone just use vBulletin?

I agree the forum integrated in GForge is

However, vBulletin is proprietary software
and thus not suitable for Gpg4win project
which founds on transparency.