Help! Says to replace gpg library with a version compiled with gpgsm support

GPG4Win is not opening for me. I keep getting a message that says “Invalid crypto engine” and Kleopatra says that I should “replace gpg library with a version compiled with gpgsm support.” Anyone know how I can do that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. And yes, I am a noob.

This is weird, a cause for this could be that there is another GnuPG installation on your system an that it is found instead of the one coming with gpg4win.

Can you please open a command line [1] and execute:

gpg --version


gpgsm --version

And post the output here? This might give us more information about your problem.


Hello, hope I will not confuse matters. I didn’t see the original question, but as I have sometimes had strange effects on my system I thought I would try as you suggested. The .jpg uploaded with this shows the result of doing as you suggest on my machine. Regards Andrew Cormie


Hi Andrew,

No your setup look completely fine. (The Important part I’m looking for is that both these versions match and come from Gpg4win). Maybe you can write about the strange effects you are seeing in another thread and we will try to find a solution there?

From East Sides original Problem description I thought that his Problem might be caused if a Gpg 1 version is found on the system and GpgME thinks it has to work with a Gpg1 installation. In that case there would not be support for S/MIME and some other features.


Somewhere along the way, I picked up a nasty virus so I had to spend 3 days fixing my computer. I was going to do a system restore but I just used about 8 different types of spyware, malware and virus removing software and the problem has been solved. I had previously tried to uninstall and reinstall GPG4Win multiple times and I kept getting the same problem. Now that the majority of my computer problems have been solved, I no longer have the issue and GPG starts up the way its supposed to. It could’ve been solved by a number of things, such as having a full hard drive or possibly due to malicious software I recently had removed. Long story short, my problem has been solved. Thanks for your help everyone!