Great on Vista!

Great product guys, works perfectly (so far) on Vista.

Have an idea, currently working in Steg (advanced steganography). You have done the hard work, but steg could be great & undetectable transport medium, if nothing else a very sexy add on.

Have just tried out a merge & test, between GnuPG 4 Win and Steg. The result is really good, 2 files (PNG), original & one with GnuPG4 win public key. Identical size and the steg / key version, no detection, under some heavy testing. Any interest or around the forum in collaboration?

Give me an email & I will send an example.

Hi Jart,
thanks for your comments!

Whether to integrate steganography or not into
GnuPG is something that is best discussed on the
level of Gnupg developers. E.g. check out .
There has been some discussion about steganography in the past. I do not know if there were conclusions.