GPGOL 2.4.2 and Outlook 2016 Version 1908 Build 11929.20300 click-to-run

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I’ve been unable to decrypt inbound PGP-Inline messages with this outlook plugin. I can successfully decrypt the messages from within Kleopatra so I’m not sure why the plugin is not doing it. I’ve disabled all other add-ons and I still only get the “Insecure” button instead of a decrypt button. Have you seen this issue?

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Checking back in to see if anyone had a chance to check this out. Thanks all!

no problems so far with GpgOL- and Outlook-2016 MSO (16.0.4849.1000 / 32bit).
Mails sended by Thunderbird/win7(64)/Enigmail

I’m unable to get the encrypt/decrypt buttons on the addin. Other than installing, is there something I’m missing? I was able to install an alternate pgp outlook plugin and it found and utilized the Kleopatra keys perfectly. I’d prefer to use this plugin however. When I look in the logs it doesn’t appear to show any errors with the plugin load. I’ve tried re-installing and also disabling all other outlook plugins. Any help would be great.


there is no decrypt button anymore, it is now handled automatically. Please note that if there is any “non whitespace” above the “----BEGIN” part GpgOL will not decrypt that message and abort processing.

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