gpg4win 3.0.2, Kleopatra crashes if GNUPGHOME points to root dir of a drive

I have my GNUPGHOME set to the root of a removable drive, let it be Q:
With 2.3.4 this worked well, but with 3.0.2, Kleopatra would crash on launch or refuse to import any public or secret keyring. But if I set the variable to, let’s say, Q:\gpg, it works as it should. Seems like there’s a bug in homedir path management.

Hi F4,

thanks for reporting, we will try to reproduce and see if there is a defect in the next year.

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Uh oh. I can reproduce the problem. There are two Problems that might be related
GnuPG and it’s tools crash if the homedir does not contain a backslash or if the homedir is provided on the command line with a backslash.

When the drive letter contains a backslash and gnupg does not crash actions of kleopatra like generating a new key pair result in Kleopatra crashes.

For GnuPG I’ve opened:
For Kleopatra: