GPA Error No Plugin for keyserver protocol .

I wasn’t able to find this covered anywhere, so I hope I’m not duplicating or posting to the wrong place.
When I go to SERVER->RETRIEVE KEYS-> and type in the email of the key I want to retrieve (that being in this particular instance, but it does it with any that I’m trying to retrieve/udpate)I get ‘Connecting to server “”. Please wait.’ and then I get ‘There is no plugin available for the keyserver protocol you specified.’ and an option to close. I also get the same thing if I put an actual Key ID in the Key ID field.
I’ve used PGP in the past, and the GUI is pretty good at allowing the checking/retrieving/updating of multiple public keys from multiple servers. I’m guessing that’s not available in GPG through GPA.
I’m by no means an experienced user with GPG/GPA, so please don’t beat on me too hard. I’m using GPG4WIN 2.1.0. in Windows Vista Home Premium. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Disregard. I think I figured it out. It seems I had an older version of GnuPG installed and didn’t uninstall it before I installed Gpg4Win2.1.0. I uninstalled all versions, rebooted, used CCleaner to remove all references to GPG and related from the registry, rebooted, and then reinstalled 2.1.0. Sorry if I wasted anyone’s time.