Full edition: Switching between GPA and Kleopatra in GpgEX

If full edition is installed, right click GpgEX extension uses Kleopatra for actions.
Because Kleopatra is buggy for me in some cases, I would like to switch to call GPA from GpgEX without unstalling Kleopatra. Kleopatra should keep installed for testing purposes.

How is it possible?

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Really not possible?

The help file associated with gpgex, (very basic would perhaps be a very kind way to put it), gpgex-en.html says under the heading ‘debugging’ …

“If the GnuPG user interface (either GPA or Kleopatra) can not be accessed…”

This implies that planning has been made for the use of either interface. Remains to find out how to persuade gpgex to go for GPA.