creating the best encryption by mixing tech?

Is this possible? Say I use gpg4win to encrypt something then split that file up somehow and embed the pieces in separate containers that then become part of a whole other something else and encrypt That. Say find a way to mix things like gpg4win, truecrypt and SteganoImage all together. Possible? How would you do it?

Wow. :slight_smile:

If we’re talking about a file, maybe this will work.

  1. Encrypt to a public key with GPG4Win
  2. Encrypt the resulting .gpg file asymmetrically with AxCrypt (or something similar).
  3. Now put that puppy in a TrueCrypt “container.”

LOL It does seem like overkill but I’ve actually done this, on occasion. Your info is still vulnerable to extraction by torture but is otherwise reasonably secure (one hopes). It never occurred to me to split files up and place them in separate containers but this could be done by splitting the original file up using WinRAR or something similar.