Create new key takes too long

Hi All,

Trying my first install of gpg4win on Windows 2000 & Otlook 2000.

Following the novices guide, I tried to create a key. It says it may take some time but after 3.5 HOURS with the processor at 100% I gave up and tried to stop the program. I coulod not stop it so restarted my PC.

After restarting and opening Outlook, I get a message saying that “The user interface server is not avaable or could not be started in time”. The program dbus-daemon.exe is also trying to access the Internet.

Do I uninstall GPG?

Thanks in advance,


I uninstalled Gpg4win and re-installed without the outlook plugin option and my system is back working.

However it still stalls at the Generate Key dialogue with the processor @ 100%…

How long should this take? I know it depends my hardware which is:-
2.6 GHz Celleron
1GB ram
Windows 2000 SP4

Should have said that the version is 2.0.1

Just an update to say I ran this overnight (14 hours) with the same result.

gpg2.exe takes 100% processor and stops my PC from restarting.


It is hard to say what is going on. Gnupg needs enough entropy (data that is “random” enough) to be able to create a strong key. It should not wait busy, though. Usually this should work within a couple of minutes on a normal system. I cannot say what is wrong. My recommendation is to try the key creation on the command line with gpg2.exe --keygen and then ask about the problems on the gnupg-users or gnupg-devel mailinglists. (See