Configure location account mesage folder?

Hello, can I control the directory where additional mail accounts are stored and those account message folders are stored? I have four mail identities with multiple topic storage folders. I use the default MH format. The default /Documents and Settings//Application Data/Claws-mail folder has no messages stored there. There is a /Mailboxes but it shows the additional accounts, they are empty and instead the messages are in /Documents and Settings//Application Data//<folders, including inbox, outbox, etc>. Even the primary account saves the messages in this later location. I guess I’m surprised the messages aren’t all kept under /Documents and Settings//Application Data/Mail folder to better emulate a unix like environment. But the question is, how and can I control the location of the message storage folders? I can’t see a way to do it in accountrc or in the gui for Claws-mail. Thank you for a great application.
Best Regards, Brian A