Compatability with Vista

Does anyone know of any compatability problems with gpg4win and Windows Vista (we’re considering going to Vista soon so I’m just curious if anything has been found by anyone).

Hi -

I am running Windows Vista Ultimate with all updates and Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise (also all updates) and just installed gpg4win.

The binaries appear to operate correctly.

The installer failed to put the GNUPG directory into the system path, so the binaries don’t work in command mode unless you fix the path (I used regedit) or change into the directory each time.

The key manager and other add-ins appear in Outlook 2007 with one critical exception: buttons or options to encrypt and decrypt messages do not exist. I am unable to sign or encrypt an Outlook 2007 outgoing message using gpg4win at this time.

I had to remove Outlook 2003 to install Outlook 2007, so I do not have test results for Outlook 2003 under Vista; however, given everything I’ve seen so far, my expectation is that it would work just fine.

Glen Barney