Claws+GPG not working at all

OS: WinXP SP3.
I got used to Claws Mail. I have 2 IMAP accounts (one is default) and one POP3 configured with set of rules to sort mailing lists letters to directories.
I decided to add possibility to encrypt/sign messages by GPG. I’ve generated key from command line (gpg --gen-key from cmd prompt), giving e-mail address of my default account. Reloaded Claws-mail, key is present in GPA window.
In Claws Mail I have PGP/Core, PGP/Inline, PGP/MIME and S/MIME plugins installed, in default account’s settings there’s PGP/Inline method selected as default.
When I want to sign just written e-mail, I go to Options->Sign (in Options->Privacy there’s PGP/Inline selected) and click on it. Nothing happens.
I expect something should happen, how to make it working?