Can't encrypt outgoing email

I installed gpg4win on the weekend (version 2.2.1). I can’t seem to encrypt outgoing emails. When I try I get an error dialogue that reads: “Please add at least one recipient”. Currently I only know one person who has a certificate so he is my only test subject. I imported his certificate successfully into kleopatra, and to ensure I got it right I copied/pasted his email address from the certificate details. Can anyone give me a starting point to try to solve this?

What mail client and what OS?

Personally, I wound the best way to practice was to install a second email client with a second email address and practice sending from myself to myself. I learnt a LOT in 10 mins - more than I had read in 2 hours.


Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and Outlook 2010 sp1

I believe this is some sort of issue with the GPGOL outlook plugin in 2.21. Does anyone have any kind of process to try and solve this?

Hi Marc,
Not sure if you solved the problem but i think i am having the same problem. I have generated a key/ recieved my friends key but when i try to send an email the enrypt button seems to do nothing when i click it after the initial (select at least one recipient). I have followed the readme but it doesn’t seem to help.

I am running windows 8 & outlook 2010

Ben’s problem has been solved in

Marc, you can send emails to yourself, but you could also try to ask someone else
that has a certificate. Maybe on the user mailinglist.