Cannot get GPG4WIN 1.0.3 to work.

I have GPG4WIN 1.0.2 working on my desktop computer. I am only using WinPT and GPGee, so I don’t know if any of the other utilities are working.

I tried to install GPG4WIN 1.0.3 on my laptop. WinPT refused to work. (I’m a newbie… perhaps I was doing something wrong.) So I simply copied my keyrings from my other computer. After configuring the paths to the 4 files GPGee wants to see, GPGee still refused to work. So I decided to try to install GPG4WIN 1.0.2 instead.

GPG4WIN 1.0.2 is no longer available on the website. The link to on the main web page does not work. I was able to download GPG4WIN 1.0.2, using the following URL:

When I installed GPG4WIN 1.0.2, both WinPT and GPGee started working correctly.

Please update to gpg4win 1.0.4.

wie soll auf 1.0.4 upgedated werden, wenn nur die 1.0.3 tatsächlich downgeloaded wird?


If you still see the old version on the gpg4win homepage clear your Browser Cache or the WebProxy Cache you are using.