Can I Decrypt PGP files using GPG4Win

i am having touble decrypting PGP files. is there anything i should know?

do i need to send my certificate to the sender so that the files im receiving will be able to be decrypted at my end???

You need the public key from the sender. You may also need to sign the senders key so it ends up in your trusted keys.

I have the public key from the sender but am still not able to decrypt *.pgp files. Any other ideas?

Public key - encrypts.
Private key decrypts.
File encrypted by a public key can be decrypted only by public keys related private key. Public key cannot be used to decrypt.


What ‘yyy ecra’ meant (as I had to learn that too many people don’t really understand the idea of asymmetrical encryption) is that you have to sent YOUR public key to the person that wants to send encrypted e-mails to you or this person has to get YOUR public key from a keyserver if you have published it!
Then you can decrypt these mails.

If the sender encrypts with his own key you cannot decrypt e-mails.
The sender can use his own key to sign an e-mail but has to use the public key of a recipient to encrypt it.
The signature can be verified using the public key of the sender, the decryption uses the private key of the recipient.