"Advanced" users manual and some suggestions

I’m a newbie, and I’ve just gone through the whole “novice” manual, and did all the exercises. I was wondering if there’s the “Advanced users manual” that the novice manual talks about in English, if at all?
And, here’s a suggestion; most of my peers do not use encryption and I know they wouldn’t have the time or be bothered to install and learn all about it. I did it out of sheer interest. I was wondering if there was some way they could decrypt/encrypt quickly without having to install everything, maybe like a key registry process and that’s it, and then they go to a site or something where they can view the messages, OR download a ‘viewer’, like how say, VMware has a VMware “player” that is free so anyone can view a VM machine, even though they didn’t create one?

Nice work, just as good as PGP.

looking back on my question, it seems like a stupid one. sorry. My main point is that it takes a ‘while’ for people to learn and load it up and get it going, and that’s what stops people from using gpg.

anyways i’m still looking for the ‘advanced users manual’ in english.

Dear M L,

thanks for your comments and suggestions.
Of course we are trying to make using encryption as easy as possible and the software as easy to configure as possible. There is a lot to do.

The English novices manual was translated by a Brigitte Hamilton as volunteer work with help from others. Getting the advanced manual translated with also depend on something doing the work.


If I understand correctly, there is a openPGP implementation in Java:


With that you could program a Java viewer without much trouble, ne?